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Antares project: goals and how to realize them

antares project and its realization

The Antares project goal is to sell art in non conventional or traditional places. Usually an art piece is located and sold  in a gallery or an exhibition, all places where not everybody go or unknown to many people.  So it is very difficult for a not informed person to buy good art, as an art gallery is not always near him . Art is beauty, we enjoy seeing a nice artwork, for this reason it is important to have it in all the places of our life, and make it known to more and more people.  Antares wants to bring art to everybody, making them easier to see and buy it. But which kind of art? We don’t have limits to the kinds of art, but we have few rules for making our customer sure to buy a certificated and verified artist. Our choice is to sell contemporary art, of leaving artists. They are carefully selected considering some selection parameters:
1.       The originality of their art.;
2.       The number of artworks sold by each artist. We also pay attention to the fact that the sales wouldn’t be too many, as it should affect the artist quotation;
3.       Only limited edition prints for the  photographers;
4.       Exhibitions where the artist participated, but attention, not all the organizers make a selection based on quality and originality…
5.       The price of their artwork: a too low price makes very difficult to sell their art and become also an investment.
The organization of Antares project is made by the company Scrigno ltd, located in Birmingham (UK), registrar of the companies for England and Wales n. 6304246. The person charged of building the vendors network is Bruno Paolo Benedetti, in our staff as director since the year 2007, now managing director for Italy and Europe. Our choice is because his long experience in building and managing  vendors networks in Italy, state where the project Antares is started, and the good results obtained in other fields during the last years.  He is also one of our artists for non objective and surreal photography. We have a critic and curatorial team charged to select all the artists and organize events.

So, whether you are an artist or a vendor submit your artwork  for an evaluation or contact us: send a mail

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